Creating a Parliament
for Wales


Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has responded to the 'Creating a Parliament for Wales' consultation on the Assembly’s electoral and internal arrangements.

The consultation is now closed. It took place between 12 February and 6 April 2018.

Responses are being analysed and a report on the consultation will be published in due course.

That report and information on any further steps to be taken following the consultation will be available on the Assembly’s website


Your National Assembly

Today the National Assembly for Wales is a very different institution from the one established in 1999.


Reserved Powers Model

The Reserved Powers Model allows the Assembly to make laws on matters that are not reserved to the UK Parliament.

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The Wales Act 2017

The Wales Act 2017 gives the Assembly power over some of its internal arrangements.

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About the Assembly

Representing you, making laws for Wales and holding the Welsh Government to account.

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